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Since 1932, Sydney Gitterman Furs Has Been Winnipeg’s Best Kept Secret.

Sydney Gitterman Furs in Winnipeg is Western Canada’s oldest independent furrier. We carry a number of award-winning designer European-style fashions, all made right here in Canada. In our wholesale showroom, you’ll save a fortune with our factory-direct prices, and our furrier services are always top-notch. Sydney Gitterman also provides on-site cleaning and storage solutions to preserve your investment for many years of warmth and delight.

Need a Fur Repair or Alteration?
Let our staff of skilled furriers and finishers examine your fur piece to determine if a repair is required. Sydney Gitterman is known for providing fur products of outstanding quality while delivering service excellence. All repairs are made in-house and we can do remodelling and alterations for any fur piece.

By doing a fur remodel, we can take your existing, outdated mink or fur coat and turn it into a whole new exciting design. This is another reason that fur coats are environmentally-friendly, because they can always be repurposed, no matter what styles are in fashion.

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Fur Is Green!

Did you know that wearing natural fur is an eco-friendly alternative to synthetics? It’s true – producing garments made from unnatural, non-renewable petrochemicals pollutes the earth with sulphur and nitrogen oxides. Though furs are made from animal pelts, pollution made from using synthetics can devastate entire ecosystems.

For more information about modern fur as a renewable natural resource in North America, get the facts at Truth About Fur. Also learn about Canada’s humane trapping methods at the Fur Council of Canada’s website at www.furisgreen.com.

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